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Connecting mind, body, and spirit through the practice of yoga.

Yoga is truly a metaphor for life!


Yoga is a powerful healing modality, with equal parts strength and flexibility. Yoga is a practice. A practice of connecting the body, mind and breathe. By practicing yoga can not only strengthen the body, but you can open the heart, and calm the mind. Research shows that practicing yoga can lead to reductions in stress, enhanced awareness, increased performance, and a deeper sense of inner peace and presence. Yoga is a tool for personal growth that can support in navigating the ups and downs of life. Integration of this can be a key element to your overall life satisfaction and success in reaching your fullest potential by creating a regular practice of centering and grounding for yourself.

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Teaching Schedule

Mindful Flow & Inner Sage Exploration


90-Minute Sessions

We will begin each workshop with a 45 minute mindful flow and vinyasa style yoga. Then, by opening up our bodies to a more relaxed and calm state, we can simultaneously open up our minds to explore the deeper aspects of ourselves. We will base this personal exploration on the Positive Intelligence framework, rooted in cognitive and behavioral science to help build confidence and acumen over our own minds. Together, we will tap into deeper parts of ourselves to embrace greater awareness and understanding of how we show up in the world. Workshop attendees will leave each session feeling invigorated and nourished as they head into hectic holiday season and 2022!


  • Experience the power of creating a personal Mindful Flow Yoga Practice and leave with a sequence that you can continue indefinitely

  • Improve your capacity to respond to life’s challenges with a positive rather than a negative mindset with clarity of mind on how you self sabotage and how you can connect with your inner sage powers.

  • Positively Impact your performance, your peace of mind and overall wellness, while also improving your relationships.

Cost: $30 per weekly session or $210 if you register for all 8!

Space is limited to ten students. 

Beach yoga to resume this fall. Check back for details in late October!


Private Yoga Sessions

1:1 and small group yoga sessions specifically crafted to meet your needs and scheduled at a time and location that is most convenient for you. Private yoga sessions are also a great way to build a strong foundation to continue your personal yoga practice.

Stay tuned for POP UP classes on the beach and on Zoom! Or I would love to book a private session for you... wherever that may be! Please contact me below for pricing and to schedule private yoga sessions.

The Mind is everything. What you think, you become.

- Buddha



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If you are looking to gather a group of friends or family to enjoy yoga together, we are also excited to be completing the experience by offering a beautiful boho themed beach picnic package through our partnership with Sarasota Alfresco! 


Get together for a group yoga session followed by a curated, beautiful picnic on the beach. Whether you prefer a morning brunch experience, or a sunset dinner, we can promise you that it will be a truly memorable, and restorative experience!

To connect with Jessica and her team to discuss setting up the perfect picnic & yoga combo, just complete the consult form below.

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