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Up Up and Away... 2021

Mindful. Empowered. Growth.

"The Mind is EVERYTHING. What you think, you become!" The Buddha

Hot air balloons have been seen as symbolic to life...of finally reaching a point in life that perhaps you have aspired to...mind, body, and spirit. This idea of freedom, an uplifting spirit, a sense of achievement, inspiration and overall happiness seem to resonate most.

I can recall as a young child attending hot air balloon festivals with my aunt. I was fascinated by the brilliant colors, in awe by all the people who came together in such a wonderful way for the shared experience, and most importantly for the beauty of the balloons floating along in the air, with those on board somewhat care free, as they most certainly were enjoying the views from above...the landscapes, the perspectives, THE VIEW!

So many of us start off each New Year with a determination to start over or renew, to do better, to set goals, to aim higher, to accomplish more, to get fitter, etc. All coming from a place of the best intentions, I am certain. However, are they coming from a clear mind? What thoughts and feelings are driving the goal or priority setting? If you truly connect energetically with what is motivating you, would you say it is coming from a negative mindset or positive mindset?

To help in determining this, perhaps take time for an "aerial view" of your life. Really look at what you value most...are you spending enough time there? Be honest with yourself. What thoughts are truly motivating you to want to go to the gym and lose that 10 pounds or set your business goals for the 1st quarter of the year? Have you explored all the sights and sounds of your personal life or career from this more holistic perspective? From up above you can see what matters with clarity of mind and identify what will PULL you forward in 2021 so you can grow and expand in all aspects of your life.

We are still early enough into the new year for you to step back and start within. Envision how you want to show up, who you want to surround yourself with, how we want to connect, think, behave, and feel. It is great to start off with setting goals and making commitments, just be sure they are in alignment with your personal aspirations in life.

Start by setting your Personal Intentions for 2021... tap into your personal power... Here are a few suggested intentions to get clear on ( this can be applied to your career aspirations or personal life).

  1. A goal I would like to achieve in 2021:

  2. A limiting belief I am letting go of:

  3. A habit I will break:

  4. A new skill I would love to learn:

  5. A person I would like to connect with:

  6. An act of kindness I will do

  7. Things to say YES to:

  8. Things to leave behind:

  9. A positive thought to lead the way:

With true clarity, the possibilities become endless and you will enter into a life of "ease and flow" where you are in full alignment. You have the power to shift your mindset, creating a PULL rather than a PUSH towards your future and the life you desire! I can promise that the view from there will be truly inspiring and this type of achievement will far exceed any you have received from our more traditional goal setting that has come from a place of "should", fear, overwhelm, societal norms, and clearly not from YOUR POWER WITHIN!

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