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Surfing the Waves of Life

Much of our daily life is unpredictable. As we have all experienced in the past few months, many things in our daily lives are outside control. So, why do we all continue to try and control outcomes or try to intellectually make sense of things that just are as they are?

Perhaps it gives us a fleeting sense of control before we realize that we cannot control others and that many of our circumstances are outside of our control as well. This realization often leads to frustration, anger, and resentment, emotions that do not SERVE us, they SABOTAGE our ability to live life to its fullest potential.

How many of you can recall a time in your personal or professional life where you attempted to control a situation and its outcome? How did it turn out in the end?

If it was successful in the short term, was it successful in the long term in achieving your goal? Did the people involved feel empowered? Could you see the creative contributions of all those involved flowing in whatever scenario you are envisioning?

There is a natural FLOW to life, just like the waves in the ocean. Perhaps this to me is one of my main reasons for finding peace at the beach...listening to the sound of the waves rolling in and observing the constant flow, despite changes in tides, weather, etc.

The desire or need to control is often based out of anxiety and fear, the fear of the unknown. But isn't all future truly unknown? We might be able to maintain this idea of control with managing schedules at work and home to keep everything moving like a well oiled machine... or in managing our staff on a project to ensure we achieve our goals or meet a deadline. Perhaps as I said previously, we are successful. But at what cost? Where is the joy and freedom in living LIFE? AND, what happens when a child gets sick or the car breaks down as we manage do we respond and handle these bumps in the road? When the team falls apart due to the pressure imposed to meet the project deadline?

We all must learn to LET GO a bit more and trust the waves of life are just as they are meant to be. The harder we try to fight this idea, the less likely we will experience the true beauty of a life in FLOW. The idea of flow comes from the fact that we are more present in our everyday lives. Less time is spent being anxious about the future. Planning, thinking, controlling, all move us away from our ability to ride the waves of SURF and respond in the moment. Having spent our time and energy in the present focusing building that strong "core" to weather any storm and whatever life throws our way.

There is such attention and focus that a surfer has. They have to live in the present moment. They cannot be worried or anxious of the future, they must trust that their time and energy focusing on building their strength has prepared them for whatever wave comes their way.

It is especially true for all of us now, during unprecedented times, to hone in on what each of us need to show up center, strong, and at peace with life as it is. Knowing that thus too shall pass and we WILL make it through, as we always have. The one constant thing in life is CHANGE and it is up to us to find the joy and flexibility to go with the FLOW of life.

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