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LOVE & Balance

Mindful. Empowered. Growth.

"To lose balance sometimes for love is part of living a balanced life." Elizabeth Gilbert

Love in and of itself is a combination of giving and receiving. To live a truly abundant life full of love, you need a bit of both. Right? In reality, life is FULL of these "Ying and Yang" concepts... happiness + sadness = contentment; togetherness + solitude= passion; accommodating + asserting = consensus; listening + speaking = communication; and teaching + learning = GROWING!

So, how do we find this "balance" in our work and personal lives? How do we know when things have gotten out of balance or better yet, how to we adjust or recover when they do? To start, honor the Ying and Yang in yourself. Then, recognize and honor them in those we love and work with. This is what makes us human, this is what connects each and every one of us. We all need to be heard at times...for someone to hold space for us... to let just listen. And then there are times when we ourselves might not be doing the talking. In those moments, we feel a sense of gratitude for those that have been there to listen to us and return the favor so to speak to our colleague venting at work...perhaps when we are feeling completely overwhelmed ourselves and just happened to pick up that phone call ( when we really did not have the time).

For those like me with a tendency to want to please others, to give to others before taking my own needs into account, this idea of balance between accommodating ( someone else's agenda or request) versus asserting my own needs or desires rings particularly true. Perhaps for me the simple act of being sure to state what I also need when agreeing to someone else's request of me will allow for the building of consensus ( both are needs being met) without running the risk of creating resentment should I toss my needs out the window.

I also believe that you form a deeper level of appreciation for something when you yourself have experienced the opposite for yourself. Whether it be enjoying that quiet solitude just before or just after a major event or presentation on something you are extremely passionate about...or, maybe the euphoric feelings of new love pulling you from the depths of loneliness.

To me it is a true gift to support leaders who find themselves in a position (often at the "top" literally or figuratively), alone, and wondering what their next move could or should be. Guiding them to link their own innate power and voice with what they are most passionate about.

I look back on the stepping stones leading me to where I am today and know that it is a result of really leaning into the "Ying and Yang" of life. I sought out support when I needed it, from those that I knew could teach me what I needed to take that next step. I took every opportunity (and still do) to share the lessons I learned. To teach is to learn. To learn is to grow. This is the delicate balance of life. Of managing a life and of managing a company, organization, team, or even a family.

What ways can you bring aspects of your life into more balance over the coming year? Commit to baby steps. Each day, lean in... to listen more, to assert yourself and speak up, to say yes to time with family ( no emails after 5pm), to enjoy a quiet morning of solitude ( for even just 2 minutes) before the onset of your crazy day of Zoom meetings, to look for opportunities to learn new skills, and share what you have learned with others and help them grow! THIS is living a life of abundance... and no better time to start than now!

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