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The Coaching Process

Professional Coaching is a co-collaborative relationship between a client and a coach, based on possibility thinking and with a focus on establishing new pathways forward in your life, both personally and professionally. 


The foundation of professional coaching is on “appreciative inquiry”, where we shift to a more creative mindset by looking at opportunities for your future, versus digging into problems of the past like you may have experienced in therapy.


As a coach, I aim to forward  actions taken by my clients and deeper their learning of themselves and the potential impact their life can have on the world! 


My goal as a coach is to serve as a grounded and centered partner on this journey, while also challenging you to think bigger and create the life you desire and deserve!! 


The goal for you, as a client  in this co-collaborative relationship,  is the development of a leader’s mindset, one that links your power with your passion and creates positive results, through a lense of compassion and mindful action.


What if I said that you could be extremely successful in life and work in a new way. Instead of pushing yourself harder, what if you could be just as productive, maybe even more productive AND more efficient by approaching your leadership role in a new way? Would you believe me?  This is where our coaching journey would begin...

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My Ideal Clients

If you are personally motivated to OWN your leadership, the good + bad + ugly, to learn and grow, I am here to help you make it happen!



  • Leaders of small businesses with a desire to take it to the next level


  • Leaders feeling burnt out by your work and sensing the need for boundaries between your personal and professional life?


  • Leaders that often question their innate ability to lead, lacking the confidence to fully lean into their roles


  • Leaders with a desire to create value from the inside out so that they can be their strongest and most effective self personally and professionally!

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