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Professional Coaching

I support leaders to link their power with their passion.


As a leader of a small business or nonprofit organization, you likely wear many hats and are constantly juggling that on top of personal demands. Or, maybe you do not identify yourself as a leader...however feel like there is more you want to do with your time and talents. I will help you connect with your own inherent leadership. Together we will create an environment for holistic and sustainable change in both your personal and professional life. Empowering YOU to swim in larger ...calmer waters!



Group coaching is a powerful and effective coaching technique for working with people to improve their health, wellbeing, personal strengths, self-efficacy, leadership qualities, team building, and beyond (Armstrong et al., 2013; McDowall & Butterworth, 2014). Aside from the cost savings, professional group coaching has many benefits, not least is the ability to strengthen team bonds and improve awareness of the decisions made within a broader structure.

I offer several group programs, including a 
Foundational 8-week Mental Fitness Program in partnership with Positive Intelligence, and mindfulness programs in partnership with the Innerwork Center.


"From what we get we make a living, from what we give we make a life” - Winston Churchill.

Giving Back

There is no better way to give back than to shine light on untapped potential of emerging leaders!

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So many individuals invested time and energy into supporting and guiding me on my journey over the years.  It is because of their belief in me that I was able to believe in myself and step into my leadership roles, sometimes reluctantly. It is for this reason that I dedicate a segment of my practice to supporting emerging leaders. For many in the early stages of their careers, such an investment in coaching may not be an option for them.  I am currently partnering with the Emerging Nonprofit Leaders Program and Community Foundation of Greater Richmond to provide affordable coaching to Alumni of the program. Additionally, I am Certified Coach for the MBA Program in  TECO Energy Center for Leadership  at The University of Tampa.

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