My Mission

My mission is to create an environment for personal and professional growth. A safe place, where you can

connect to your values, move with clarity and confidence, and embrace your role as a leader, wherever your passion lies. Together we will link your power with your passion.

My Story

As I look back on my life both personally and professionally, a very common theme has always existed and that is to adapt and overcome. None of us can control many aspects of the early years of our lives however, we have the opportunity at some point to “wake up” to our reality and take action to make the improvements we wish to see.


We also have the ability to write a new story for ourselves. To create the life we truly desire. We must first learn from those around us, from ourselves, and decisions that we have made along the way.


This begins with a certain level of self awareness, especially if you find yourself in any type of leadership role. I have seen people suffer and struggle personally and professionally because they are unwilling to admit their faults along the way, they are unwilling to acknowledge their part in sabotaging their success and happiness. This becomes a huge barrier for them to not only connect with others but to lead authentically.

My career success is not a result of a fancy degree but from a commitment to show up better today than I did yesterday, owning mistakes along the way and not letting my past define me. This perseverance has pulled me through many personal and professional challenges.


In doing this, I have become clear on what I am most passionate about and I intentionally set out each day to move forward with great purpose to connect with my passion.

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I have committed my coaching practice to help in creating an environment where others can feel empowered to do the same, to grow as people and as leaders.


I have also learned that the one thing that is constant in life is change. Perhaps this is why I have always felt such a deep connection to the ocean with  its ebbs and flows. I have learned that I cannot control the waves that role in but I can work to become a really great surfer! This is my metaphor for life. Balancing a career and a family is a challenge with changes each and every day.


As a coach, I am a guide to those looking to dive deeper into themselves to allow them to step more fully into their dreams, desires, and full potential.  I believe that we each have our own intrinsic power, a driving force that once we can truly connect with, will unleash our passions for our life and work. 


This creates the opportunity to show each and every day courageously, as your most authentic self. This type of compassionate self awareness, true authenticity, creates trust, which supports connection and is essential for true collaboration. 


As a leader, there is nothing more powerful than this and it will serve you in so many ways you enact a vision for the future of your organization or business, providing you with the strength and courage to persevere in any scenario.

My greatest accomplishment has been in the founding and building of Sportable, a Richmond Virginia based nonprofit now in its 15 year, serving hundreds of individuals with physical disabilities and assisting them in overcoming obstacles to engage in sports.


To see the opportunities that have been created and the lives that have been transformed as a result of dedication and commitment to a mission and vision far greater than ourselves is so humbling. 


My years at Sportable created my foundation for knowledge in leadership and nonprofit management. This experience has allowed me to help affect great changes in several other organizations, including major turnarounds and always leading with a commitment to leave things a bit better than where I found them. 


I learned, I grew and I am thankful for the gift of being able to share all that I have learned with others as their Leadership Coach.

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As you step in, or step up, in your leadership role...

I will be here to be your guide in finding clarity of purpose,

fighting off your inner critic, and creating accountability to

ensure your vision for the future becomes a reality!

My Values


Your character. Doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Doing the right thing even when everyone is looking. It's doing the right thing even when it “costs more” than you want to pay!


Not giving up.

Persistence and tenacity. The effort required to do something and keep doing it till the end, even if it's hard. Based on a strong work ethic and a CAN DO attitude!


The choice and

willingness to confront uncertainty.  “Showing Up” even when we cannot control the outcome. Being vulnerable, telling the story of who we are with our whole heart,  an essential element for accessing love and joy in our lives!


To be kind to ourselves

first and then to others. A curious and accepting way of questioning your experiences, behaviors and motivations. A desire to learn more about yourself to solve personal problems or to find peace with them. To authentically step out into the world!


A result of being truly authentic. Based on a strong foundation of trust and clarity of your purpose. The idea of deeply connecting with others to work together towards a common goal. The true definition of teamwork that allows for collaboration!!

Education & Training

  • ​​Kristen has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Recreation & Sports Management, with a minor in Psychology and a Concentration in Therapeutic Recreation from Virginia Commonwealth University.

  • Kristen has completed over 12 months of training  through Coaches Training Alliance and Positive Intelligence. Kristen is both a Coach Training Alliance Certified Professional Coach and a Certified Positive Intelligence (PQ) Coach. 

  • Kristen is also an active member of the International Coaches Federation, pursuing her ACC Credential.

  • Kristen has also earned her Registered Yoga Teacher 200 Hour Certification through The Yoga Professional and is an active member of Yoga Alliance. She also earned her Certificate of Energy Medicine through the State College of Florida.

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